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Q: What are two effects of too much exposure to radiation?
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Why is too much exposure to radiation dangerous?

Too much radiation from the sun can permanently damage your skin and could cause skin cancer.

Skin cancer can be caused by too much exposure to what?

Ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun.

What are negative effects of gamma rays?

I think gamma radiation is actualy harmful and can kill people

How to calculate radiation exposure rate?

Unfortunately there are far too many variables and butterfly effects changing these figures every second to make calculating this possible to even the slightest degree of accuracy

3 reasons person would get radiation sickness?

3 reasons people get exposed to radiation poisoning is: Accidental, intentional and without a person's knowledge - mysterious unknown source. The methods of exposure: medical, criminal actions, intentional murder by exposing a person to oral intake of it, inhalation or total body exposure to the radioactive source. Too much exposure to radiation can result in death therefore all businesses, military forces and other places rigorously guard against exposure or the poisoning by radiation.

What are some of the risks of too much exposure to sunlight?

The biggest problem boils down to radiation poisoning from the sun, which damages the skin--sometimes permanently and with long-term effects. This damage is usually seen as a sunburn, initially, but can result in dark spots on the skin (sun damage) and cancer.

What are effects of high levels of Uv light?

Too much exposure can cause skin burns and skin cancer

What are the effects of getting too many of the sun's rays?

There are many effects of getting too many sun rays. One effect is that the skin will start to burn much like a bread that has been in a toaster for too much. Another effect is cancer because sun rays contain radiation which leads to cancer.

Why shouldn't we stay in the sun?

Too much UV radiation harms the skin cells. Long term exposure over the years can cause wrinkling, discoloration, freckling, and skin cancer.

What are the Bad and good effects of radiation?

well... it keeps you warm but if the radiation gets too intense you die because you are so hot

What are the effects of too much addiction to cell phone?

A probable effect of an addiction to cellphone use would be radiation. Cellular devices and other electronics can give off waves of radiation that can ultimately affect you in a future.

What are the effects of too much exposure?

It can cause sunburns and tans leading to skin damage which shows up even years later as freckles and brown spots. skin cancer can also follow years of excess sun exposure.