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  1. You will not have the worry or heartache attached to any sexual relationship breakdown if you are non sexual.
  2. You can do what you like and please yourself.
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Q: What are two benefits of being asexual?
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What is an asexual community?

AVEN, or the Asexual Visibility and Education Network, is one. An asexual community is a group of people who lack sexual and/or romantic interest in others. They share the sexual orientation of being asexual, and you can say that being asexual is the opposite of being bisexual.

What are the charcteristics and benefits of sexual and asexual reproduction?

U get a family

Is asexual reproduction one word or two?

Asexual reproduction is two words. An example sentence is "I wonder why some animals have asexual reproduction".

Budding and regeneration are two types of what?

These are two examples of asexual reproduction

What are two ways that organims reproduce?

There are two main methods. They are sexual and asexual reproduction.

What is a plant sexual or asexual?

The strawberry is sexual and asexual; asexual is the more efficent way.

Two types of reproductions are?

The main categories of reproduction are sexual and asexual. Two types of reproduction are asexual and sexual reproduction.

Which would produce more parent characteristics Asexual or sexual reproduction?

The difference between sexual and asexual is that in sexual reproduction, there are two parents, and in asexual, there is only one. In sexual reproduction, the two parents mix up their genes and produce a mix between the two parents. Asexual reproduction produces an exact match of the parent, since there were only the genes from the one parent.

How do asexual reproduction benefits a species of sponge?

see information below ...just click on the link

What are the three steps of asexual reproduction?

what are the three types of asexual reproduction? AnswerConjugation and fertilization are two

What are two ways to reproduce?

Two ways are sexual and asexual.

Identify two examples of asexual reproduction in many-celled organisms?

Some flowers reproduce asexualy by being dispersed by wind or rain.