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Unhealthy overweight

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Q: What are two antonyms for healthy?
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What is the antonyms word for healthy?


Synonyms and antonyms of infirm?

The synonyms of infirm are; ailing, anemic. The antonyms are; healthy, strong.

What are antonyms of the word ill?

Antonyms for ill include healthy, robust, well (as in, 'I am well') and recovering.

What is two antonyms for savagely?

Two antonyms (opposites) of "Savagely" might be "Gently" and "Tenderly".

What are some antonyms for feeling ill?

Healthy, strong, good, and well.

What are two antonyms for lazy?

Fast and busy are antonyms for lazy.

What are the two antonyms of the word play?

Two antonyms for the noun play are: boredom and rest.Two antonyms for the verb play are: work and labor.Two antonyms for the verb play are: watch and listen.Two antonyms for the verb play are: sincerity and candor.

What are two antonyms for dignity?

Shame or disgrace would both be antonyms of dignity.

What is the antonym of virulent?

The antonyms of virulent: gentle; kind; nice; harmless; healthy; nonpoisonous

Which words are antonyms of risky?

Antonyms of 'risky' include: protected, stable, strong, assured, well, sure, honest, safe, healthy, secure, definite, harmless, certain, and insensitive.

What are two antonyms for roamed?

stay, wait?

What are two antonyms for consolation?

discouragement, annoyance