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1) Lightning

2) Biological

3) Bacteria

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Q: What are three ways for nitrogen to be fixed?
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What are the two ways nitrogen can be fixed?

Bacteria and Lighting

What is the need of fixing atmospheric nitrogen find out the various ways by which atmospheric nitrogen is fixed?

Why does atmospheric nitrogen need to be converted?

What are two major ways in which nitrogen is fixed in ecosystems?

Two major ways whereby nitrogen is fixed in ecosystems are through rainfall and through leguminous crops.

What is the diffrence between fixed nitrogen and free nitrogen?

OK well free nitrogen is fixed by bacteria that live in the soil. some bacteria live in nodules, or bumps , on certain plant roots. the bacteria get food from the plants, and plants absorb fixed nitrogen from the bacteria. animals get nitrogen by eating plants or by eating prey that have eaten plants. fixed nitrogen may enter the soil in other ways too. a small amount of free nitrogen in the air by lighting. it is carried to the ground by rainfall. fixed nitrogen also enters the soil because of decomposers. decomposers break down dead organisms, and fixed nitrogen is released in the soil. the fixed nitrogen can be absorbed by plant roots.

What is the difference between free nitrogen and fixed nitrogen?

Free nitrogen is in the air but fixed nitrogen is in the soil.

How do you get nitrogen on earth?

Nitrogen is fixed

What is nitrogen changed into before being used by living things?

lightning & bacterial action (nitrogen fixers).

What are three ways in which nitrogen are replenished in the soil?

lightning is one way sorry

How does nitrogen fixed by nitrogen fixing bacteria?


Nitrogen in the atmosphere must be fixed before it can be used by plants. Atmospheric nitrogen is fixed by?

bacteria and lighntning

Three processes that fix atmospheric nitrogen?

1) Haber Process (Fertilizing) 2) Lightning 3) Nitrification (Process of nitrogen being fixed in the air by rhyzobium)

What percentage of nitrogen is fixed by nitrogen fixing bacteria?