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it keeps blood flowing

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Q: What are three things that plasma does in the body?
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How does plasma protect the body?

the plasma help the flow of the platelets and other things so it protects your body and help you survive

What 3 things are moved around the body in blood?

plasma red blood cells ....theres two for you

What three things blood contains?

Blood contains four things: white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets and plasma.

What plasma contain?

Many things contain plasma mostly things in the sky.

What part of the blood carries minerals vitamins sugar to the bodys cells?

The plasma carries the minerals/ vitamins/ sugar around the body. All the things are dissolved into it.

Identify the three major subdivision of extracellular fluid found in the body?

The body is made up of three major extracellular materials. These materials are; body fluids, cell secretions and extracellular matrix.

In the far future will you build things made out of plasma?

will we make things out of plasma in the far future

Where in the body is plasma?

in your blood

What 2 things destroy a virus in your body?

for a fungal infection, your T cells destroy it, for a bacterial infection your plasma cells destroy it

What is part of the blood that is mostly water?


What is the name of the liquid that carries platelets red blood cells and white blood cells around in the body?

it is plasma

What does plasma do?

Depends on which plasma you're talking about. Plasma as in blood carries blood cells to and `fro in our body, this yellowish liquid making up more than half of our body supply. Plasma as in Physics is something entirely different.