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Hormones affect several different processes some include: reproduction, mood, growth and development, and metabolism. Hormones are very powerful and a small amount can cause huge changes in your body.

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Q: What are three things hormones do?
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Three hormones does the pancreas produce?

Insuline, glucagon...

What are individual living things?

cells that reproduce hormones

Enzymatic reactions can be controlled by?

pH. salinity. temperature. hormones.

What are three hormones that control the digestion?

Gastrin, secreting, cck

What are the three hormones for long bone growth?

calcium, phospherous

What is the composition of hormones?

There are three types. They are peptide,steroids and amines

What are three non-living substances in a cell?

crystals and hormones

Proten is a precursor to three regulatory substance enzymes hormones and what?


Why do teenagers act the way they do?

Teenagers act the way they do because of the hormones in their body. The hormones make teenagers do stupid, strange, and annoying things.

Are hormones proteins or steroids?

Hormones can be proteins or steroids. Insulin and ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone) are proteins that are hormones, which are produced in the pancreas and the anterior pituitary gland, respectively. The hormones estrogen and testosterone are two examples of steroids that are hormones produced in the ovaries and testes, respectively.

What are relexin hormone?

relaxin hormones are secreted by female gonds (female sex hormones) .there are three types of hormones which are secreted by female gonds. these are 1 progesterone 2 oestrogen 3 relaxin hormone

Is there a vacuim pump to enlarge male breast?

No. The only things that enlarge a breast is hormones. A male would have take female hormones to have a breast.