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Q: What are three factors that influence blood flow?
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What factors influence resistance to blood flow?

blood volume

What factors directly influence venous blood flow?

Skeletal Muscle contraction, breathing movements, and vasoconstriction.

What factors influence dermal blood flow?

Body tempature, if your frightened or nervous, respitory/ circulation disorder

What are two factors that influence the viscosity of lava flow?

Minerology of the area

What two factors that influence the viscosity of lava flow?

Minerology of the area

What are the three major circuits of the blood?

Systemic circuit- blood flow in the body Coronary circuit- blood flow in the heart Pulmonary circuit - blood flow in the lungs

Other factors that prevent retrogade blood flow?


What factors influences resistance to blood flow in the arteries?

resistance occurs as the blood flows away from heart through the vessels in the peripheral systemic circulation a term known as peripheral resistance. Viscosity of the blood (thickness) ,vessel length (distance) and vessel diameter (blood vessel radius) are three factors

How is coronary blood flow regulated?

Coronary blood flow is regulated by local metabolic factors. Adenosine, nitric oxide, and decreased oxygen all act as vasodilators which improve blood flow in coronary circulation.

What influence does the cerebral cortex have on blood flow?

Not much, your brain has little to do with your heart rate

What Two major factors affecting blood flow rates?

They include the radius of the blood vessel, the length of the system, and the viscosity of the blood.

What controls the distribution of blood?

The distribution of blood flow through the circulatory system has a few variables. Physical activity, cardiac output, and venous return are influential factors in determining blood flow.