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Air cooled condensers are of two types: natural convection and forced convection. In the natural convection type, the air flows over it in natural a way depending upon the temperature of the condenser coil. In the forced air type, a fan operated by a motor blows air over the condenser coil.

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Q: What are the two types of air cooled condenser?
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After heat is absorbed into a condenser medium in a water cooled condenser the heat can be deposited in one of two places what are they?

There is only one condenser. That would be an air condenser.

What two places heat can be deposited in in a water-cooled condenser?

Heat can be deposited in the cooling water flowing through the condenser tubes and in the surrounding environment through air or another medium used for cooling.

Name two types of cooling systems on an engine?

Air cooled & Liquid cooled

What are the two characteristic that change when air is heated and cooled?

How do these characteristics change the movement of air?

What are the two major characteristics change when air is heated and cooled?

How do these characteristics change the movement of air?

What are two ways a generator can be cooled?

Air and hydrogen gas can be pumped through

What are the two types of cooling system used on modern engines?

There are basicaly two types of cooling systems 1) Air Cooled 2) Fluid Cooled(Also known as water cooled) Air cooled systems are genarally used in small engines where there is no space for installing a saperate cooling system,like that in bikes. This system is simple and uses fins to to cool the engine. Fluid cooled systems are generally used in big engines like that in care and trucks, where there is impossible to dessipate large amount of heat through mere fins. Fluid used is generaly water mixed with some anti freeze agent(a type of chemical which prevents water to make oxides)

What two types of air that combine form a hurricane?

The two types of air that combined are hot/warm and humid air.

How air ejector maintains vacuume in condenser in thermal power plant?

It is one of the types of air ejector which is used in the steam like near the condenser to remove the non condensable gases and some vapour entering into main condenser by an air ejector and it is cooled by the main condensate and released in the ejector condenser. A steam is used as the motive fluid to withdraw air and dissolved gases from the condenser by the ejector action. In each stage of the steam jet ejector, high pressure steam is expanded in a convergent /divergent nozzle. The steam leaves the nozzle at a very high velocity in the order of 1220 m/s and a proportion of the kinetic energy in the steam jet transferred by interchange of momentum to the body of air which entrained and passes along with the operating steam through a diffuser in which the kinetic energy of combined steam is re-converted to pressure energy. The maximum pressure ratio that can be obtained with a single stage is roughly 5:1 and consequently it is necessary to use two or even three stages in series to establish a vacuum in the order of 724mm of Hg with reasonable steam consumption.

What vehicles use air cooled engines?

Motorcycles and Aircrafts are two of the main vehicles that uses an air cooled engines. They use this feature since they normally have smaller engines then a normal moving vehicle.

What are the two types of air balloons in how are there different?

y are two types the helium balloon and the hot air ballon..

What are the types of condensers?

There are two very different types of condenser, the electronic component, and the physical apparatus as used in distillation. The electronic device is more usually called a capacitor, and consists of two conducting plates, separated by an insulating medium. The physical apparatus is your common condenser, in which a cold surface is used to condense liquid from a vapour.