What are the transitory good?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What are the transitory good?
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What is a sentence for transitory?

A sentence for transitory is: You dog's life is transitory so make it worth while.

What is a transitory sentence?

a transitory sentence is a type of sentence that you can write.

Sentence using the word transitory?

Some animals are unfortunately transitory.

What is a sentence using the word transitory?

-Life is only transitory. Savor it. It's only temporary. -Some molecules are only transitory before they vanish.

How do you use transitory in the sentence?

Life is only transitory. Savor it. It's only temporary.

Will you give me a sentence with the word transitory?

Your nerves are transitory, they will pass as soon as your speak your opening sentence.

Are Londons dispersion forces permanent or transitory?

They are transitory. Still trying to figure out why myself but our teacher gave us that answer.

What rhymes with transitory?

depository was it gory

What rhymes with compulsory?

transitory, factory,

Where is the dark cool spot on the sun?

They are transitory.

What are the characteristics of a drama?

social, transitory and interdisciplinary

What is the antonym of transitory?

Stable, Permanent.