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Q: What are the topics that concern teenagers today?
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What topics does Dlisted cover in its discussions?

Dlisted is a web page which displays news and gossip about celebrities of today, in a colloquial/informal tone. It is probably aimed at teenagers mostly.

Where is the best place to shop for books on teenagers and alcohol?

Teenage drinking is a concern in today's world. Having 3 teenagers yourself, it is important to be as educated as possible in regards to this problem. I would recommend as a good website to begin your search for information.

Why is there concern today about the increasing use of plastic?

why is there concern today about plastic increasing use

What are the major topics of concern for each subject for iit-jee?

Ask your teacher

How will the environment be affected by lack of concern from teenagers?

if us as teenagers don't do something about our environment our earth wont end well. So make a change

What percent of the teenagers drink alcohol in the US today?

Teenage drinking in the United States has long been a concern of government officials, police, and parents alike. For more information on this matter look at

What is a sentence with topics?

We shall explore several such topics during today's symposium.

Which of the following topics is NOT a main concern of sociologist?

The following topics is NOT a main concern of sociologists: Calculating complex mathematical equations. Sociologists study social behavior, relationships, institutions, and systems rather than mathematical calculations.

Canada's greatest health concern today?

the greatest Canada concern is cancer

What are the top science topics today?

Top science topics today include the biological basis of consciousness, are we alone in the universe, and how and where did life on Earth arise.

What drugs are in common among teenagers today?

marijuana,exstacy,and cocaine are the most common used drug by teenagers

How big a concern is obesity in the UK today?

The concern of obesity in the UK today is very high, the obesity rate in the UK has tripled over the past two decades resulting in a major cause for concern.