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- Beakers

- Bunsen Burners

- Test Tubes

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Q: What are the three things scientists use?
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What are three things that scientists use nucleotide sequences to determine?


What three things do scientists need to know about the tools they use?

how they work, how to use them, what different styles and adjustments are about the tool.

What are three things forensic scientists use DNA fingerprinting for?


List three things that scientists learned about earth in the 1800s?

list three things that the scientists learned about earth in the 1800's?

What three tools do scientists use and how are they used?

Logic, observation and mathematics. Logic for figuring things out, observation for noticing things, math for getting exact numbers.

What are three things scientists use technology for?

to correctto find more informationto add more details to the noun (person, place, or thing)

What do scientists use to help them create a hypothesis?

Based on things, they use everything. Scientists observe then say what they think.

Why do scientists use the classification system?

The scientists use classification system to make things easier and less complex.

What three (3) things do all scientists have in common?

observe measure communicate

What does scientists use to organize living things?

they use plyers to organize objects

What might scientists use in the future to help them classify living things?

According to scientists a living being should have following three character 1 capable of multiplication. 2 capable of growth 3 capable of moving

Why do scientists use micriscopes?

scientists use microscopes to examine things and look closer in to thing's more info