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Stainless steel
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Q: What are the three objects that do not attract the magnets?
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What are three objects that are attracted to magnets?

Three things that attract to magnets are things that are made of iron,metal,and heavy things

Why do magnets not attract certain objects?

Because magnets only attract magnetic metals.

Can different magnets attract heavier objects?

Bigger magnets are used for heavier objects.

How are magnets the same?

Magnets are able to attract magnetic objects.

Why don't magnets attract?

Because silly, paper is not a metal. Magnets only attract to metal objects, not wood, or sand, or a finger, but only metal.

Why do some objects not attract to magnets?

they aren't made out of real metal.

Can magnets attract objects without touching them?

A magnet has a magnetic field around it. The magnetic field causes a magnetic force that can attract objects to the magnet.

Which magnets attract?

Magnets attract specific types of metals such as: Iron Nickel Cobalt Steel Try this: Get a magnet hover it over different objects, see what it attracts and repels (doesn't attract).

How magnets magnetize objects?

magnets attract metal objects with an invisible force. Process continued until the force was weak that it could not pass through ant more metal

What kind of things do magnets attracts?

The only three things that magnets can attract to are iron, nickel, and cobalt.

What objects attract material containing iron and they always face the same direction when moving freely.?


What is an example of a situation where it would be best to use certain types of magnets to attract different types of objects?

Electro magnets can be used to attract metals temperarily while permanent magnet would be used for compasses.