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UP- flow, down-flow and Horizontal

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Q: What are the three major configurations of a gas furnace?
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How do you identify an electric furnace from a gas furnace?

an electric furnace runs off of 208/230 Volts while a typical gas furnace runs off of 120 also a gas furnace will have a valve for the gas relay where the gas enters the furnace.

Where to get a schematic for a gas furnace?

You can find a schematic for a gas furnace on the website, Uncionradio.

How do you run gas from the furnace to appliances?

You should not run gas from the furnace to any appliances.

Where can one find gas furnace prices?

There are many places to find gas furnace prices. One can look on sites like Furnace Price Guides, Century Gas Furnace, and Consumer Reports. One can also find gas furnace prices by going to a local heating supply store.

How are noble gas configurations different from electron configurations?

The externall shell of electrons is completely filled.

What is a gas furnace and its advantage?

A gas furnace is a furnace that operates to keep your house warm with the use of gas. Gas furnaces are very energy efficient furnaces, and are the most common furnaces used in North America.

Why does your gas furnace blow black smoke in the house?

# Why doe the gas furnace blow black smoke?

Where can one get information on gas furnace troubleshooting?

One could find information on gas furnace troubleshooting online at Ask. Hvac for beginners is also a great place to look. One could also contact their local gas furnace dealer and/or repairer for gas furnace troubleshooting.

Furnace gas versus electric?

Go with gas.

What are the three major fossil fuels?

coal, oil, and natural gas are the three major fossil fuels :)

How does a gas furnace pilot flame stay burning?

with gas? hence gas furnace? theres a gas pipe that puts the gas into 3-4 tube things tht keep lit by the gas bruhhh

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