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Poor Hygiene, poor nutrition, poor physical activity.

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Q: What are the three greatest threats to human health?
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What are the three greatest threats to the Savannah Monitor?

The species is hunted for its leather and meat and for the international pet trade.

What did President Jimmy Carter do to prove that the accident at Three Mile Island posed no serious threats to health?

toured the facility with his wife

What are the three major threats of m-commerce?

what are the three major threats of m-commerce

What three groups stated the greatest objection to the health care bill?

Tea Party, Republicans, and Independants

What did John R. Coomber see as the future of the insurance industry in 2004?

Coomber saw that the future of the insurance industry was going to be based on three criteria: climatic change, increasing threats to health, and increasing threats to the economy because of terrorism.

What were three greatest threats to the nation according George Washington?

According to George Washington, three of the greatest threats to the nation were political divisions and the rise of political factions, foreign interference in American affairs, and economic instability. He believed that political factions would lead to a weakened and divided country, foreign interference could compromise American sovereignty, and economic instability could undermine the nation's stability and prosperity.

How do you write an article to a local newspaper on at least three problems that worry the people?

If you wanted to write one article dealing with at least 3 problems, you would have to identify some unifying theme, something that these 3 or more problems have in common. That would not be too difficult to do. You could write an article about the greatest threats to the survival of the human race in the 21st century. So, what are they? Global warming, nuclear war, asteroid/comet impact. There is no guarantee that this list is correct, however, it is a reasonable choice and you could produce an article about those 3 problems if you so desired. If you don't agree that these are really the three greatest threats to the survival of the human race in the 21st century, you are free to choose different ones. Or choose a different question. What are the 3 problems that the United States must solve in order to achieve economic health? That's another workable theme. Or, what are the three problems facing young people entering the job market in 2013. You see, there are lots of possibilities.

Three major threats of m-commerce?


What are three pollution that effect on human health?

Yes there are 3 types. Those are air pollution, waterpollution and soilpollution.

What was the three threats to a serf's wellbeing?

Help me on this question please.

What three threats to the health of trees in the US?

Acid rain, herbicides, pesticides, and insects are things that can threaten trees. The one factor that affects all of them, around the world besides deforestation, is acid rain.

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No-one can judge between people who did different things, and lived in different times and different countries. Anyway, there are more candidates for "greatest human being" than just those three.