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The sun is the initial (primary) energy source for life.

Ingestion and digestion of a food source is an animal's primary source of energy.

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chemical energy

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Q: What are the sources pf energy and thus growth for animals?
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What are the sources of energy and thus growth for animals?

photosintisis the magic of the land fibinotche

Why are new methods of energy production focusing on renewable sources?

Because renewable sources have no carbon emissions and are thus not causing global warming.

How nan decomposers help the consumers and producers stay alive?

Decomposers break down dead organisms, which turns them into fertilizers that can aid plant growth and return the energy to the food chain, and thus provides more food and energy for animals (consumers). When the plants and animals die, they themselves are decomposed, and the cycle begins again.

How would the would be effected if ther were no worms?

Plant growth on "dry land" - thus all land animals.

What triggers cannibalism among animals?

In the natural world survival is usually dependent on the fitness of the animal. For it to remain fit it must consume enough energy to function (starvation etc. can occur if it does not). Thus, if needed, animals may view members of their own species or even populations as food sources. Other animals consume their mating partner after they fertilize since they serve no purpose and the energy requirement in pregnancy is very high. Either way, cannibalism in animals is usually due to the requirement of a food source when all other common sources are unavailable.

What are the 3 main energy sources of a generator?

Coils of insulated wire, a permanent magnet, and a galvanometer. Hope thus helped!

Where are renewable resources located?

Renewable sources of energy come are natural resources thus it can be located everywhere. Example of renewable sources are sun, wind, geothermal, wave, biomass.

Why is carbon important to animals?

without carbon oxygen cannot be produce thus makin no oxygen will result in major losses of lives

How do genes affect growth and development in farm animals?

Selection. When a farmer or rancher selects for animals that grow better than others, that animal has superior genes to those other animals with more inferior growth. Thus the superior genes are selected for, and pronounced more through more breeding in the herd or flock.

Could animals survive without plants?

No because animals eat plants so if animals didnt eat plants the plants would die unless watered.

Where do open and closed systems get energy?

Open systems get energy from external sources, such as the environment or other systems, while closed systems do not exchange energy with their surroundings and thus the energy within the system remains constant.

What energy source don't come from the sun?

Hydro power did originate from the sun. The energy required to transport water from the lower level to the higher level thus increasing its potential energy required the sun to heat it. Even ocean tidal and wind power also originated at the sun. Gravitational forces causing tides relies on the sun.