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The element silicon is to be found in 'sand' which is made from quartz which is silicon dioxide.

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Q: What are the sources of Silicon?
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What is silicons modern source?

Silicon's modern sources mean that where it is found in nature.

What minerals are found in lettuce?

Lettuce is one of the best vegetable sources of silicon and iron, it also contains copper.

What is the scientific name of SiBr2?

Silicon hexabromide

What are the elements found in sand?

Silicon and oxygen, in this form. SiO2 Silicon dioxide.

What is the most familiar semiconductor?

silicon and germanium

Is silicon similar to a non-metal?

no it is not a nonmetal. Silicon is a metalloid

What are minerals that contain silicon and oxygen called?

It's called a silicate mineral. The exact definition in my science book says: a mineral that contains a combination of silicon, oxygen, and one or more metals. *Yeah in English class we were taught that if we copied any phrase out of a published book to cite sources *Citing Sources: Holt Science & Technology Inside the Restless Earth Book F enjoy :) -Alyssa

What is a semi metal other than silicon?

Apart from Silicon, the following elements are considered as semi-metal(metalloids) :-BoronGermaniumArsenicAntimonyTelluriumPoloniumHowever, not all sources consider Polonium to be metalloid whereas some allotropes of elements like phosphorous, selenium etc. also show metalloidic behavior.

What makes up silicon?

silicon is an element and is only composed of silicon

What is the plural of a silicon die?

Silicon dice is the plural of silicon die

What is the constituent element of silicon dioxide?

Silicon (and oxygen).

How does silicon carbide differ from quartz?

Silicon carbide consists of silicon and carbon, quartz consists of silicon and oxygen.