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Both are the means of communication

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2012-08-29 19:49:00
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Q: What are the similarities and differences between speech and communication?
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Different between speech and oral communication?

Speech is oral communication.

What is the basic difference between speech and written communication?

what is the difference between speech,language and communication??

What are four major differences between informal speech and prose?

What are The four major differences between informal speech and prose

What were the situations in the you have a dream speech?

No. Compare means to look at the similarities, and contrast means to look at the differences.

What is the difference between speech and speech communication?

Communication covers all the different aspects of information transfer. Speech is one of those aspects.

What is the relationship between speech language and communication?


What are the differences between speech and article?

what will happen to the organism


what is the difference between speech,language and communication??There is a huge difference between language and communication

What are the similarities between speech balloons and inset panels?

Well there is not really similarities. Inset panels are a type of furniture for things to put in. But speech balloons are something you put in comics, so there is NO similarities.

Essential characteristics of speech communication?

1.Speech communication is Purposive2.Speech communication involves Interaction3.Speech communication is Transitory4.Speech communication occurs in Specific settings5.Speech communication is Influenced by the fields of experience of the speaker6.Speech communication Does not contain the usual cues of writing

What are some of the cultural differences that might impact on communication processes?

There are many cultural differences that may impact communication, even within the same country. Different accents and speech patterns, as well as inability to access internet or cell phones, can impact communication.

Why should we talk?

Speech is a verbal means of communication between people.

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