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Q: What are the side effects of reliv?
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Have there been reported side effects from Reliv classic after long term use?

Yes, the long term side effects for my son has been 15 years of prevention of chronic pneumonia. Eric would not be alive today without Reliv!

What is the population of Reliv?

The population of Reliv is 246.

When was Reliv created?

Reliv was created in 1988.

Put reliv in pancakes and cook it?

One thing for certain if you put Reliv in your pancakes, is that all of the vitamins and minerals in Reliv will then be in your pancakes.

Are there pesticides spray on reliv crops?

No. Reliv is very careful and serious about being a nutritional company. Reliv uses non GMO soy, and has quality ingredients. Reliv is also a member of the CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition) Reliv believes in the DO NO HARM approach to wellness and the health industry.

Does reliv use engineered soy?

No. Reliv uses non GMO soy powder

Is reliv a good?

Of course, it is.As far as products are concerned, Reliv is World leader in optimal nutrition.Reliv's cutting-edge formulas deliver optimal nutrient levels in forms that are readily absorbed by the body. Reliv nutrition works.When it comes to the business opportunity, Reliv has a Proven home-based business opportunity. More than 60,000 independent Reliv entrepreneurs in 16 countries own and operate Reliv businesses.

Is Reliv International a legitimate company?

Reliv International is a legitimate company in that it was properly incorporated, has corporate officers and is listed on a stock exchange. But that is a different question from "Do Reliv products work?" if that is what you mean.

Is the Reliv product safe?

Here are a variety of opinions:That would depend on you, personally. Reliv makes shakes which are made using synthetic vitamins and minerals, and these will not be as easy for your body to digest as those which are naturally occurring. It is possible to have a bad reaction to them. They are based upon soy, which many people are allergic to. It is a concern to some that 80% of all soy from this country is genetically modified, and nobody knows what harm that will bring in the long term.If you are looking for something that you know will be safe - make your own juice drinks out of fruits and vegetables. You will look and feel better, and there are no risks involved. The FDA has been suing Reliv for making health claims that are not substantiated.Reliv does not have synthetic vitamins and minerals, it is highly nutritious food and the body reads it as food . Reliv Soy is non-genetically modified and no warning labels or side effects as per FDA approved labeling and is highly digestable and 98% absorbable. Law suit and dispositon against Reliv by FDA are unfindable. Why don't you contact Reliv directly with your information.

Does Reliv slow the growth of breast cancer?

No. Reliv claims to be a nutritional supplement.

Does reliv diabetes?

Reliv does not, for the most part, make health claims, and they don't claim to cure anything; however, people for years have been using Reliv products to control their blood sugars. In past years, they used a combination of Classic or NOW, Innergize, and Fibrestore to control those blood sugars with good success, but last year Reliv unveiled a new product, called GlucAffect, which was specifically formulated to address metabolic syndrome, which is a precursor to diabetes. In a double blind clinical study which Reliv conducted using people with diabetes and metabolic syndrome, the participants using GlucAffect experienced an average of 30% drop in their blood sugars and averaged a 15 pound weight loss. Since Reliv is pure nutrition, not vitamins, is synergystically balanced and 98% bioavailable, and since the body recognizes it as food, and since it has no harmful side effects or health warnings, this type of results has been huge for diabetics, especaially since these kind of results are better than many medications have been getting. You can get a copy of the clinical study on the Reliv website at, clicking on the country of your choice, clicking on "The Products" and scrolling down to "Blood Sugar Management"

Is it possible to take Reliv while pregnant?

YES! I'm on Reliv for my pregnancy and my sister and sister-in-law have birthed 9 beautifully healthy Reliv babies between them. All three of our doctors have approved it instead of prenatal vitamins. I highly recommend it!