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Anu ba yan !! nakakainis naman .. kailangan ko ng sagot !! ako at kame ang nagtatanong at kayo ang sasagot !! Asan ang sagot !! anu ba yan !!

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Q: What are the samples of strategic intervention material in science?
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What is the theme for national science month celebration 2011?

"Science Clubbing: A Strategic Contingency for Survival,"

Why is strategic intervention of materials important?

Because it can possibly bridge the gap or the less mastered learning competencies especially in Science. This could also help the pupils to develop positive and good study habits.

What has the author Alton Frye written?

Alton Frye has written: 'Humanitarian Intervention' 'A responsible Congress' -- subject(s): National security, United States, United States. Congress 'The legislative role in science policy' -- subject(s): Science and state 'Strategic Restraint'

What is the importance of science intervention materials?

Teacher's notes ... Science intervention materials: Mini booster 1: Accuracy and reliability ... Science intervention materials: Mini booster 2: Evaluating a practical

What is material science department code number in Anna university?

material science engineering

What is science tech intervention?

it is a gift of ansister to study the universe . it is study of nature

Which hypothesis about the Moon is supported by the samples of lunar rock that were collected by the Apollo missions?

The samples brought back from the moon (especially the Genesis rock, a piece of the moon's original crust) support the theory that the moon was created out of material that was once part of the Earth. The science suggests that about 4.5 billion years ago a massive planteoid the size of Mars slammed into the Earth, which was itslef a protoplanet at the time, sending a massive amount of material into orbit. That material eventually accreted and formed the moon.

Do you believe strategic management is more an art or a science Explain?


What is the sample of religious material for scientology?

Not sure what you mean by sample. I guess the books could be samples. Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health, Science of Survival, Dianetics 55, etc. There are many books and they also have taped lectures and other things. The church has some websites but they're kind of PRish.

What two types of evidence geologist use to learn about earths interior?

Rock samples and Indirect evidence from seismic waves Direct evidence from rocks samples and indirect samples from seismic waves my science teacher told me

How does mission command integrate the art of command and the science of control?

strategic, operational, and tactical

What is the difference between material science and material engineering?

the main difference is of SPELLINGS!. material science is knowing the basic knowledge about materials i.e their properties. and material engineering is that, by knowing the properties of a particular material you design or engineer that material for desired applications.