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the results of a tornado is a damaged environment

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Q: What are the results of a tornado?
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What will be issued if a tornado is possible?

The possibility of a tornado results in a "tornado watch" for a certain area and time.The actual existence of a tornado results in a tornado warning which is effective until cancelled but may be limited in time.

A tornado's funnel cloud results when?

The tornado pulls in moist air. The pressure drop inside the tornado cause a temperature drop, causing the moisture to condense.

Can you consider a tornado as an act of air pollution?

No, air pollution results from putting chemical substances into the air. A tornado is entirely a physical occurrence.

Is a tornado primary or secondary succession?

A tornado results in secondary succession. The plants on the surface are destroyed, but buried seeds generally stay in place and the soil remains mostly intact.

Which of the following air results when warm moist meets cold dry air over land?


Is it possible for a tornado to go south?

Absolutely. A tornado usually follows the path of the storm in which it results. So, if a storm is going south, the tornado has a high priority of going south. It is also possible for a tornado to go in a different direction than the storm in which it forms. For example, if a storm is headed west, a tornado could develop and go north. Hope this is helpful.

Why is a tornado's funnel wide at the top and narrow at the bottom?

The funnel of a tornado consists of water droplets which condese as a result of a temperature drop inside the tornado that results from the low pressure. Temperature decreases with increasing heght, alowing more water vapor to condense.

What happens when a tornado spins faster?

When a tornado spins faster its winds carry more force, so the tornado can cause more severe damage than it could before. Under some circumstances the increase in speed can trigger a phenomenon called vortex breakdown. In this process air at the center of the tornado begins to sink, forcing the tornado to widen. The collision between outward moving air from the center of the tornado and inflow toward the tornado then results in the formation of a series of smaller vortices within the tornado.

Does tornado results in fast or slow changes why?

Tornadoes result in fast changes. A tornado is a relatively short-lived event. In most cases a tornado will not last more than a few minutes and won't be over any given spot for more than a few seconds.

Has a tornado ever hit an airport?

Yes. Tornadoes have hit airports. When this happens it often results in heavy damage to airplanes.

What process keeps the funnel shape of a tornado?

The funnel of a tornado is caused by air decompressing and cooling as it enters the tornado, causing moisture to condense and form a cloud. As the air moves up it cools further, resulting in more condensation. This results in a cloud that is wider at the top than at the bottom.

When is a tornado considered a tornado?

A tornado is considered a tornado when it reaches the ground