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Q: What are the recommendations on celibacy?
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When is it the right time to tell your parents you want or have a boyfriend?

Celibacy celibacy celibacy! Wait until marriage to have a boyfriend or Allah will hurt you violently.

Can celibacy kill you?


What actors and actresses appeared in Celibacy - 2004?

The cast of Celibacy - 2004 includes: Ralph Pinto

Does celibacy promote hair growth?

No, celibacy has no effect on your body other than reducing the risk of pregnancy

What is a vow for Chastity?


What are the release dates for Celibacy - 2004 TV?

Celibacy - 2004 TV was released on: USA: 28 June 2004

What is the differences between chastity and celibacy?

Chastity is the state of purity, free from impure thoughts and actions. Celibacy is the state of not being married.

Do catholic reverends takes the chastity or celibacy vow?

Catholic priests in the Latin Rite of the Church take promises of celibacy.

Why are priests celebate?

it is in their vow of celibacy

What is a chastity vow?

A vow of celibacy.

How to protect myself from palimony?


Is it true that celibacy increases strength mentally and physically?

No doubt about it. Celibacy should be practised not only in action but more importantly in thought.