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It is not possible for one to provide a rate for home insurance from Esure without having details such as the size or value of the home. The policies can be tailored to meet ones needs and one can receive a quote by entering the required information on their site.

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Q: What are the rate for an Esure home insurance?
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Is esure insurance generally more economical than traditional insurance companies?

Esure provides cheaper insurance premiums than traditional insurance companies. When you insured by Esure you get benefits such as a free courtesy car and a first-rate service.

What would Esure Insurance cover?

Esure insurance offers four different types of insurance - Home, Travel, Pet and Car. Home insurance is normally building and or contents, travel insurance covers medical costs abroad, pet insurance covers vets fees and medications, and car insurance covers your car repairs in the event of an accident.

Does esure car insurance offer bundled packages to save money?

You can obtain a free quote on home and car insurance as well as other insurance policies on the website. Esure does not currently have an option to bundle these two policies together.

Who owns the Esure insurance company?

Founded in 1999 by Peter Wood, the internet and telephone insurance company known as eSure was born. In February 2010 Peter Wood purchased the majority stock in the eSure insurance company.

What does esure car insurance cover?

Esure car insurance covers damage to your car, fire and theft, windscreen damage, breakdown assistance, personal injury among other things. Esure seems like a safe insurance company.

How does Esure car insurance work?

Many people ask how does Esure car insurance work. Esure is quite simple to use. It is an internet and telephone based company. All you have to do is give them the necessary information and they will find you the lowest rates.

Does Esure insurance offer travel insurance?

Yes, Esure insurance does offer travel insurance. You pick the coverage you want so you can save money by only covering want you really need.They have a deal where if you are a new customer , you can save 10%.

What are some of the quotes from e sure?

Several quotes from Esure like home, travel insurance along with pet insurance. You can get quotes from any insurance products they sell by calling or going online.

Which companies offer house insurance in the UK?

House insurance is important especially when anything can happen to your home. In the United Kingdom, some companies that offer house insurance are Esure, Churchill, and Swinton.

What kind of reviews does Esure Car Insurance get?

Esure Car insurance gets horrible reviews. One reviewer said that Esure had good service but high fees. While another claimed their communication was poor. The consensus seems to be that they are a disorganized and slow moving company.

Does Esure Car Insurance cover pets injured in a car accident?

It depends. If you have other insurance for your car then your master plan would be used to cover any injury to your pet. Esure Pet Insurance is a separate policy and covers the health of your pet only and is separate from your car insurance.

How is Esure's car insurance's policies?

If you are looking for an insurance company that is customer friendly, Esure is the company for you. They provide a complimentary coutesy car if something were to happen to yours, they will replace your vehicle, if less than a year old (if there is a high percentage of damage to yours) and you are covered if your vehicle were to catch on fire or if stolen.