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Proteins are the body building biomacromolecule seen in the body. Proteins are biopolymers of the basic twenty aminoacids through peptide bonds. Proteins have different levels of structure - Primary, secondary, tertiary (single peptide protein) and quarternary structure (Subunit proteins). Proteins are either globular or fibrillar in nature. Proteins can be classified based on the conjugation and function as follows: * Receptor protein - Photoreceptor Rhodopsin * Nucleoprotein - Histones * Metalloprotein - Haemoglobin, myoglobin - respiratory pigments * skeletal and muskular proteins - actin, myosin, dystrophin * Membrane protein - seen in lipoprotein membrane, RBCs as antigens * Facilitating proteins - Chaperones or heat shock proteins * Structural proteins - keratin, collagen * Immunoproteins - immunoglobulins * Enzymes and hormones - trypsin, insulin

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Q: What are the proteins that are present in your body?
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Proteins that come from animal sources are?

Animal proteins are complete. Plants provide amino acids which can be used by your body to assemble proteins if enough of the right amino acids are present.

What is the purpose of the Golgi body that is present in both animal and plant cells?

The Golgi Body transform proteins into more complex molecules.

What are the acids in your body?

Hydrochloric acid (present in the stomach) and amino acids (basic components of proteins and some enzymes).

What is the group of proteins that are always present in the body to help white blood cells ingest microorganisms?

The group of proteins that are always present in the body to help white blood cells ingest microorganisms is called complement proteins. Complement proteins work alongside white blood cells to enhance the immune response by promoting inflammation, attracting phagocytes, and directly killing pathogens. They form an essential part of the innate immune system.

Are b cells a group of proteins always present in the body to help white blood cells ingest microorganisms?


Where you can found carbohydrates in growth human body?

carbohydrates are energy giving substances they don't help the body to grow . proteins help body to grow carbohydrates are present in wheat,rice,barley , jowar,carbohydrates are present in blood

Why are proteins important in the body?

Proteins help with growth and repair of the body

What are the proteins present in hair?


Where the body gets proteins from?

The body synthesizes proteins and also gets them from food.

How many proteins are in parma ham?

25.9g proteins are present in parma ham.

What type of chemical grouping is present in all proteins?

There is chemical grouping present in all proteins, as all proteins contain certain elements. These include hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon.

Does your body use proteins to make lipids?

Proteins build and repair the body's tissues. Proteins are found in meats, eggs, and a variety of beans and nuts. The human body does not use proteins to make lipids.