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Pros Personal Benefits -

  • allows one to communicate with more people
  • make new friends who may be weak at the main/official language spoken in a particular area
  • one's bond between them and their relatives may become stronger
  • the world is big with different races. Almost every family has a member who speaks a foreign language Economic Benefits
  • knowing more than one language gives people more career opportunities than people who only know one language
  • many companies will pay more to an employee that knows two or more languages
  • in one's career life, there would be a higher opportunity to deal with overseas branches
  • if a company was to send an employee to Paris, for example, there would be a higher chance for an employee that can speak English as well as French to be sent than an English-only employee Academic Benefits
  • learning a foreign language is a challenge: therefore, it can increase one's knowledge
  • learning the vocabulary and grammar of a foreign language will improve one's knowledge in English
  • by learning a foreign language, a new concept of artistic understanding will be open. Much poetry and Opera do not translate well in English. By knowing their original language, one's understanding in a poem or opera will be enriched.

Cons -

  • as a high school student, the con of lea-ring a foreign language is definitely the learning part. To learn a foreign language is very difficult, but that is how one increases their knowledge.
  • besides that one con, there really isn't much of a bad side to learning a foreign language. now fuch off
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its very useful knowing another language and is good for getting a job.

Foreign Language learning does not only an advantage for job prospection but it is also a door that opens on various aspects such as other people's culture, history and knowledge. Besides, this new language breaks barriers of misunderstanding. Imagine yourself travelling in South Africa and you say Sawubona to a zulu. His face will be enlightened with joy. Often as a language teacher I have had boys who disliked the language while in the process of learning its. Lately, a former student of mine went to Senegal to play in the selection of Basketball without Borders. He was deeply ecstatic about his French he learnt three years back and which he used while in Dakar.

Language learning is of paramount importance. My humble opinion is that linguists may advocate the teaching various languages in schools. In so doing, scourges such as xenophobia, racism and the likes would disappear.

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IT HELPS YOU TO COMMUNICATE IN OTHER COUNTRIES WHERE THE people speak different languages other than your own national language or mother tongue.

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Q: What are the pros and cons to learning a foreign language?
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