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The primary reason for visiting a day spa is for rest and relaxation. There are many stress reducing treatments offered at day spas to help revive and energize you.

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Q: What are the primary reasons for visiting day spas?
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Is there a day spa in Detroit?

There are many day spas in Detroit. There are several day spas named wood house day spas that are local in the city and main area of Detroit.There is also day spas in most of the casinos located in Detroit.

Where can I find local listings for Day Spas in Austin MN?

You can find a list of Day Spas in Austin MN, at You can also check out for more listings. A local phone book is a good place to find listing for Day Spas. Online search engines can also be used to find listings of day spas in Austin, MN.

Are there day spas that address the issue of acne scars such as ice picks, pock marks, etc?

Some day spas have beneficial things for acne scars.

What are some Austin day spas that offer mud baths?

Go to the website There are day spas offering mud baths there. One of the salons listed was Vanity Salon and Day Spa.

How many day spas in the US?

This is a broad question. In the database I use there are about 18,000. You can see the number of day spas in each state and each city on the site listed below.

Day spa's in Houston Texas?

This is an incomplete question. Are you looking for Day spas in Houston?

What is a good day spa in the Florida Keys?

Keys Spas is one of the good day spa in the Florida Keys. You can check out its cheap price and make a reservation at

Which day spas offer free make-overs after facials?

This would depend on you location. There are multiple spas that offer free make-overs as part of promotional deals. You can contact your local spas to see if they have these offers.

Are there spas in Ontario?

Yes, there are about 1,131 day spas in Ontario according to a comprehensive database. Toronto, Mississauga, North York, ScarboroughOttawa have the highest number of them.

The ratings and reviews of a day spa?

You must be looking for a website that has ratings and reviews of day spas.

Which are the recommended spas for scalp massage in Michigan?

There are a number of spas for scalp massage in Michigan. Spa Finder Wellness lists spas and their features as well as comments from guests. Indian Head Massage in Chicago and Woodhouse Day Spa in Detroit are two spas that appear to get good reviews.

Where can one find spas with a hot tub in the Miami area?

One can find spas with a hot tub in the Miami area, at a local beauty and health center, such as 'Magic Water Spas'. Other locations may include a holiday resort hotel, such as 'Lapis Spa' or at a beach hotel, like 'Miami Beach Day Spas'.