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The positives of Solar energy are that it is clean energy (good for the environment; it's renewable as long continues to shine; little maintenance is required for the solar panels can run up to 1000 hours before the need to replace; there is no noise in collecting energy; self-sufficiency as you are not required to be plugged into a grid; government tax credits. There are also disadvantages you'll see with the link I've attached.

Advantages of Solar Energy, A Detailed Look

  • after initial investment, all the electricity you produce is free
  • incentives and rebates from governments and utility companies offset the initial investment
  • new financing vehicles such as leasing and Pace offset the initial investment while preserving the incentives and rebates
  • net metering gives you the opportunity of selling your excess electricity or getting a credit from the utility company
  • reduce or completely eliminate your electric bill
  • cost of solar panels are decreasing while efficiency is increasing
  • numerous solar solutions are being developed that are less obtrusive and easier to install
  • clean, renewable energy source
  • no transmission costs, your energy is produced where it is consumed
  • all or some of your electric needs can be supplied by solar energy, it's up to you and your budget
  • you can be totally independent of the electric company by using batteries to store your excess energy or you can remain tied to the grid and use net metering
  • solar systems are long lasting systems with warranties that are 20-30 years
  • virtually no maintenance and no recurring costs
  • ideal for remote locations that cannot be tied to the grid
  • no noise or smells, solar operates totally silent
  • reduce dependence on foreign oil
  • do-it-yourself options in the forms of kits are available and installation is easy


You may also take a look this article for more information.

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Q: What are the positives of solar energy?
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What are some positives to solar energy?

1.Most solar energy doesn't take any power to run and produces no pollutants. 2.Solar energy (sunlight) is free and virtually unlimited.

What quiestions are there about solar energy?

A question about solar energy could be: what is solar energy?: what does solar energy do?:does solar energy do anything for the earth/planet?

How is the sun's energy solar energy?

the suns energy is solar energy because sun means solar so solar energy is from the sun

What are the edvantages of solar energy?

Solar energy is inexhaustible. Solar energy is not pollution. Solar energy can be used anywhere on Earth.

How does solar get its?

Solar systems get their energy from the sun. Solar energy is captured by a solar panel, or collector. This panel converts solar energy to electrical energy.

What form of energy starts photosynthesis?

Solar energy

Where does solar energy get its energy from?

In solar energy that comes from the sun

What types of energy is a Solar Panel?

Solar panels harness energy from the sun--Solar energy!

What is the definition of the solar energy?

Solar energy is the energy received by the earth from the sun. This energy is in the form of solar radiation, which makes the production of solar electricity possible. - Clean Energy IdeasEnergy coming from sun.The energy which we get from sun is called solar energy.

What type of energy is solar energy?

Solar energy is renewable energy and is environmentally friendly

Is a solar cell an energy source?

A solar cell is not an energy source, but an energy converter. In the case of solar, the energy source is light, and the solar cell converts it from light energy to electrical energy.

How is solar energy transformed into other types of energy?

Solar energy is transferred into electrical energy through solar panels