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Q: What are the physiological zones?
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Area where bone growth takes place?

the physiological zones of bone growth is a logical growth between the bone and the osteoclasts.

What is the difference between arithmetic density and physiological density?

The arithmetic density of a population is the total number of people in proportion to the area of land (land size) The physiological density of a population is the total population in proportion to the area of arable land. Therefore, the arithmetic density of a population is always lower than the physiological density, since a land's arable portion can only be a subset of it's full size. Arithmetic = (Population/Full size) Physiological = (Population/Arable zones)

How many weeks does your bone grow?

using a diagram for assistance, describe how bones grow your answer could include details of the role of osteoblasts, osteoclasts epiphyseal plate and the physiological zones of bone growth

1.physiological shunt?

physiological shunt.

What is Appetite not linked to?

physiological hunger

What physiological adaptations of a bald eagle?

Physiological adaptation include:

History of physiological psychology?

who is the father of physiological/biological psychology

When was The Physiological Society created?

The Physiological Society was created in 1876.

When was Physiological Reviews created?

Physiological Reviews was created in 1921.

What is physiological antagonists on effector organs?

Physiological antagonist are those substance that have opposing physiological action but act at different receptors

What is physiological consciousness?

Physiological consciousness is the theory that consciousness may arise from a purely physiological perspective, discounting any creative force.

What zones are north and south of the tropics zones?

temperate zones