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There is no Bloxorz 2. There is a sequel game called "On The Edge" which is practically identical to B-cubed.

The game called "Bloxorz 2" is a 16-level copy of Briker 1, but does have selectable levels using non-unique passcodes.

(see related question)

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Q: What are the passcodes for bloxorz 2?
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What do the stage codes on Bloxorz mean?

When you play Bloxorz you will see passcodes that let you skip to that level if you want to play it again to improve your score.

How do you get to bloxorz 2?

There are two games that are given in searches for "Bloxorz 2." One is a game called "On the Edge" which plays like B-Cubed. The other is a copy of Briker 1 that is called Bloxorz 2. But unlike Briker 1, you can select the levels by 6 or 7 digit passcodes. (see related question)

Why do you need passcodes on Bloxorz?

You don't. They are a way of skipping levels you cannot solve, or returning to a level to retry or replay it, without having to go through all the earlier levels.

What are the cheat codes for Bloxorz level 2?

The pass-code for Bloxorz level two is 290299.

Does Bloxorz have more than 33 levels?

The original game Bloxorz has only 33 levels (so far), but Bloxorz 2 and Bloxorz 3 (only online so far) both have additional levels.

Orb 2 passcodes for level 30?

there is no lvl 30

What are the passcodes for Extreme Parking Mania 2?

1 00000

Passcodes for extreme parking mania 2?

Level 8 is 24987.

Extreme parking mania 2 passcodes?

level five: 09325

Where do you put the passcodes on Bloxorz?

Select the Main Menu (link at upper left on any stage) Click "Load Stage" and type in the 6-digit passcode. Click "Enter." (selecting a stage with a passcode turns off the cumulative move counter)

What is the passcode for stage 2 on bloxorz?

The passcode is 290299.

How do you beat Bloxorz level 100?

There is no level 100. Bloxorz stops at level 33. The similar game Briker has 26 levels and Briker 2 has 50 levels. The game labeled as "Bloxorz 2" consists of the first 16 levels of Briker 1.