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Q: What are the other ways if I can't afford braces in fixing my teeth gap?
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Is there a way to spread out crowded teeth yourself if you can't afford braces?

No, unfortunately not. Your teeth need constant pushing 24/7, you couldn't physically do it with your fingers and any other device could be harmful to your teeth.

When you get braces for your 6 front teeth will your back teeth move too?

No not unless you have braces or some other appliance moving your bottom teeth.

Who can put braces on your teeth?

An orthodontist can put braces on your teeth

Do they break a teeth to put braces?

No, orthodontists do not break teeth to apply braces to your teeth. However, if the orthodontist has determined that your mouth is overcrowded, it may be necessary to have some teeth extracted if they will interfere with the plan of correction. Once the braces are put on and the teeth begin to shift, they will gradually fill in the spaces where the other teeth were.

When are braces for teeth needed?

If teeth are growing outwards or in any way other than levelly then braces may be needed. They put tension on the teeth, pulling them, very gradually, into line.

Can you pull wisdom teeth with braces on?

No. The braces will hold the teeth in place.

Do you still need braces even if your teeth aren't crooked just nasty looking?

No, braces are for making teeth straight. If you have other problems go to the dentist.

What are teeth braces?

Braces are things that go on your teeth and it straighten your teeth and make you have a nicer smile

How bad do your teeth need to be to get braces?

it doesn't matter if yu have crooked teeth or not. if you want braces and if you are going to pay for them the dentist will put themon. sometimes if your teeth are to bad the dentist will recommend them

What are the best teeth strengthening braces?

Byte invisible teeth strengthening braces

Are you able to drink coffee when wearing braces on your teeth?

Of course you can. Braces have nothing to do with the "color/brightness" of your teeth. Braces are used to straighten teeth. If it is, in your finding, that drinking coffee has discolored your teeth, then he or she (your dentist) can apply a "whitener" to your teeth, regardless of braces. Regards

What are power chain for braces?

You usually get powerchain braces for gaps, and to keep your teeth in they're place. Most people get power chain braces when they're about to get they're braces off. To keep they're teeth the same way the braces left them. Hope I helped!