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Icons of the game have issued numerous prodigious blasts worthy of awe, but the actual distance is apocryphal and subject to much hyperbole. Examples include:

Mickey Mantle - 660 Feet

  • Mickey Mantle - 634 feet. On 4/15/1961, Cincinnati Reds outfielder Wally Post hit a shot in St. Louis that traveled 569 feet. In the news article from the Cincinnati papers, Stan Musial was quoted it was by far the longest homer he ever witnessed. Bob Nieman, a Cardinals out fielder who also witnessed Mantle's famed shot in Washington stated this was longer than Mantle's.
  • The Mick hit the first taped home run at 660ft at Griffth stadium after he hit the roof five times coming within mere feet of hitting it out of Yankee Stadium. "ON ONE LEG." Micky Mantle FOR THE YANKEES hit a ball 660 feet. the real record.
  • Mickey Mantle at Yankee Stadium on 2-3 occasions hit 550-560' and one occasion 570'-620'. Mick has the record. In an exhibition game, Mickey Mantle hit a ball 660 feet. He was also known for hitting home run's over 600 feet on more than one occasion.
  • Mickey Mantle hit a 643-foot homer according to the Guinness Book of World Records.
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  • Babe Ruth 601' at Navin Field in 1941, plus about 6-8 other occasions 550'--600' possibly a bit more.
  • I was told watching a Boston Red Sox game (seeing I'm from Boston) of two longest distances for home runs, not only in Fenway Park, but ever. In Fenway Park, there is a single red seat in the center field bleachers Section 42, Row 37, Seat 21, that measures 502 feet from home plate. Ted Williams (Teddy Ballgame) hit a home run off of Fred Hitchinson off of the Detroit Tigers June 9, 1946, the furthest home run in Fenway Park history. The other home run was also hit by Ted Williams and measured a distance of 565 feet from home plate.
  • Manny hit a 500-510 homer.
  • Adam Dunn hit a 595 footer off Jose Limas at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati.
  • Alex Rodriguez hit a ball about 535' in July 05.
  • Ralph Kiner 560' at Forbes Field.
  • Frank Howard 560' at Forbes Field.
  • Jimmie Foxx 550' at Shibe Park.
  • Ted Williams 613'.
  • The longest one in recent history was Big Mac's 545 ft steroidal shot off the facing of the center field upper deck at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. That was a conservative estimate too. They have a band aid on the spot. That was in 1998 off of Ramon or Dennis Martinez (both gave up a 500+ shot off to him that year, so it's one or the other). The one Mac hit off the back wall ABOVE the upper deck at the King Dome a year earlier off the Unit was measured at 538ft (again, conservative). He's hit several like that.
  • Was Andreas Galaragas "Five mile Home run" at Joe Robbie/Pro Player stadium ever measured? The one he hit into the upper deck of left field while he was still playing for the Colorado Rockies?
  • Most of your questions should be answered if you go to this link.
  • Ernie Lombardi of the Cincinnati Reds in 1931.
  • The person to hit the longest home run is Roger Connor.
  • Josh Gibson's Legendary Blast. There's a famous story that Josh Gibson hit a ball that disappeared out of the park in Pittsburgh and was ruled a home run. The next day in Philadelphia a ball fell from the sky and a stunned outfielder reacted and caught it. The umpire immediately pointed to Josh Gibson and shouted "You're out in Pittsburgh, yesterday." This blast unfortunately doesn't count as a potential longest home run in MLB, because (in addition to being an even greater exaggeration than most of the other candidates) it occurred in the Negro Leagues, not in the MLB.
  • As is proper in a sport where arguing about feats and comparing cross-generational exploits is part of the fun, there is no real answer. An interesting article about how home runs are accurately (rather, inaccurately) measured: The definitive article about the (probable) actual distances and researched reality of prodigious home run distances may be "Long Distance Home Runs," William J. Jenkinson's 1996 article in The Home Run Encyclopedia. Essentially, anything over 450 feet is truly remarkable, and few ever reach the 500 foot mark, which is truly exceptional.
  • Dave Kingman's April 14, 1976 blast at Wrigley Field actually hit the third house beyond Waveland Avenue, 530 feet away. All others are subject to debate as where they might have landed, were measured where found so they had rolled some distance, whether the ball was rising or falling at the time it hit some portion of the stadium, velocity, and various other factors.
  • I heard that Babe Ruth hit a home run in Fort Wayne Indiana and it landed in a train car while the train was moving. It kept on going.
  • The farthest collegiate homerun was in 2008 at Irwin Field in Tyler, Texas by UT Dallas leftfielder Jared Smith.
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Q: What are the official longest home runs in MLB?
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What baseball player had the most home runs?

Barry Bonds is the official MLB record holder for most home runs in both a season (73) and in a career (762).

Who has the longest home run in MLB history?

The longest home run that can be verified was hit by Babe Ruth. It went an estimated 575 feet. Many hitters have hit home runs that may be longer, but the distance was not or could not be verified.

Who has the longest home run avg in mlb history?

The longest home run that can be verified was hit by Babe Ruth. It went an estimated 575 feet. Many hitters have hit home runs that may be longer, but the distance was not or could not be verified.

Which baseball player holds the rocord for hitting the most home runs?

Barry Bonds is the official MLB record-holder for most home runs in both a season (73) and in a career (762).

Who has more Homer in MLB?

Barry Bonds has the most home runs in the MLB.

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Who has the most home runs in the MLB?

Jose bautista

Who has the most home runs in MLB?

Jose bautista

Which ball travels father a golf ball or baseball?

Golf ball. The longest home runs by MLB players are about 500 feet. That's about 170 yards, which is about half as far as the longest drives by professional golfers.

How many home runs did Ralph kiner hit?

Ralph had 369 career MLB home runs.

Which MLB player has hit the most home runs in 2009?

Mark texiera, with 39 home runs

Who was first player to hit 30 home runs?

In MLB, that was Babe Ruth who hit 54 home runs in 1920. Prior to 1920, the MLB record for home runs in a season was 29, set by Ruth in 1919.

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