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0% I don't think it is going to happen.

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It might. 😰

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Q: What are the odds of a Zombie Apocalypse?
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Will there ever be a zombie apocalypse?

Nobody knows for sure, but chances are, there will not be a zombie apocalypse.

What is the duration of Zombie Apocalypse film?

The duration of Zombie Apocalypse - film - is 1.5 hours.

Will Ebola start a zombie apocalypse?

No. The Zombie Apocalypse is started by another organism entirely.

When was Zombie Apocalypse - video game - created?

Zombie Apocalypse - video game - happened in 2009.

What is zombie apocalypse?

when a zombie eats a cake

Can zombie apocalypse happen?

Not scientificaly. There is no proof that there are zombies, so a zombie apocalypse can't happen.

When was Zombie Apocalypse - film - created?

Zombie Apocalypse - film - was created on 2011-10-29.

When was Zombie Apocalypse - EP - created?

Zombie Apocalypse - EP - was created on 1998-02-17.

What are the release dates for The Zombie Apocalypse - 2014?

The Zombie Apocalypse - 2014 was released on: USA: January 2014

What are the release dates for Zombie Apocalypse - 2012 I?

Zombie Apocalypse - 2012 I was released on: USA: December 2012

When will the zombie Apocalypse be?


Will a zombie apocalypse be real?