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The names of the Teletubbies are Tinkie Winkie(Purple male), Dipsy(Green male), Lala(Yellow female), Po(Red female).

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Q: What are the names of the teletubies?
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Are teletubies still on TV?


Do teletubies have swag?

No that's a show for toddlers.

Did Teletubies get busted?

No ... it's still on PBS.

Where do Teletubies live?

In manorfield infant school

Who is more famous Teletubbies or Sonic?


Are the teletubies real?

of they are if there not then why are they on t.v

Can people buy teletubies?

Yes you can but you have to look hard for them.

Who plays the baby sun in teletubies?

Jessica Smith

Teletubies Good or bad for viewers?

good for the lil' ones

Are the teletubies boys r girls?

There are some boys. And some girls.

What happens when you kill the teletubies?

They all blow up, and you drown in cake.

How do you play teletubies on piano?

Buy the music, take it home, practice it and play it.