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Konan Hinata and I dont think I should count people who showed up as extra people they met on missions

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Q: What are the names of the girls from naruto with blue hair?
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What are the names of the girls from naruto with pink hair?

Sakura, and in the manga Tayuya.

What is the blind girls name in Naruto?

Are you talking about the girl with the short dark blue hair and light blue eyes? If you are, her name is hinata. There is no female character in Naruto that is blind.

What is the young teen Japanese tv show that has 2 girls in junior high or highschool who are best friends and in the opening song cartoon characters are used to be them with pink hair and blue hair?


What color is Hinatas hair in Naruto?

I would say a mix of blue and black.

What are some names of anime guys with blond hair?

Tenjou Tenge Naruto Minato

What color is Naruto's skin?

black and it looks blue when a light would be shown on it

What does naruto mother look like?

she has long red hair with a clip and blue/green eyes

What is the name of a girl in Pokemon that has blue hair?

The girls name is Dawn.

Does Justin bieber like girls with brown hair and blue eyes?

yes because he says he likes brunetts and he probably does like girls with blue eyes

Who is menma in Naruto?

Long blonde hair, kinda skinny, and I think he has blue eyes. Here is the URL for a picture:

Who has a crush on Uzumaki naruto?

hinata.... incase you dont remember who she is she is the cousin of neji the shy girl with short blue hair :)

What is the name of the girl with blue hair in Naruto and that is not Hinata but another bluehaired girl?

if u mean the girl in the Akatsuki then its Konan.