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Mike - Connor Byrne

Gina - Kay Purcell

Tracy - Dani Harmer

Gus - Noah Marullo

Johnny - Joe Maw

Tee - Mia McKenna Bruce

Carmen - Amy-Leigh Hickman

Lily - Jessie Williams

Sapphire - Saffron Coomber

Harry - Philip Graham Scott

Liam - Richard Wisker

Frank - Chris Slater

Cam - Lisa Coleman

Melanie - Emily Glenister

Elektra - Jessica Revell

Rick - Daniel Pearson

Tyler - Miles Butler-Hughton

Jody - Kia Pegg

Toby - John Bell

Lizanne - Lauren Mote

Kitty - Eleni Foskett

Steve - Ben Cartwright

Denis - James Gaddas

Shadow (dog) - Connie

Matt Perry - Chris Robinson

Christie Perry - Vicky Hall

Poppy - Katie Anderson

Rosie - Millie Refearn

Justine - Montanna Thompson

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Q: What are the names of all the Tracy beaker returns characters 2012?
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What are the actors from Tracy beaker returns real names?

Tracy Beaker- Dani Harmer Liam O'Donovan- Richard Wisker Mike Mililigan- Connor Byrne Gina Conway- Kay Purcell Lilly Kettle- Jessie Williams Poppy and Rosy's actors hae not been named in any sources and my guess would be because they are too vulnerable and young. Carmer Howle- Amy-Leigh Hickman Frank Matthews- Chris Slater Harry Maspn- Philip Graham Scott Gus Carmichael- Noah Marullo Sapphire Fox- Saffron Coomber Tee Taylor- Mia Mckenna Bruce Johnny Taylor- Joe Maw Toby Coleman- John Bell Electra- Jessica Revell

What are the main characters names in Paranormal Activity.NOT the actors names just the characters names from the film?

Katie and Micah Sloat

What are the real names of Tracy Beaker Returns cast?

Mike Milligan = Connor BryneGina Conway = Kay PurcellCam Lawson = Lisa ColemanTracy Beaker = Dani HarmerSeth = Ashley Taylor RhysLiam O'Donovan = Richard WiskerMandy 'Elektra' Perkins = Jessica RevellLily Kettle =Jesse WilliamsCarmen Howle = Amy Leigh HickmanJohnny Taylor = Joe MawTee Taylor = Mia Mckenna BruceFrank Matthews = Chris SlaterToby Coleman = John BellSapphire Fox = Saffron CoomberHarry Jones =Philip-Graham ScottGus Carmicheal= Noah MarulloRick Barber = Daniel PearsonTyler Lewis = Miles Butler HughtonJody Jackson = Kia Pegg

What are the names of the Elmo characters?

I don't know about Elmo characters' names, but click through to wikianswers for information on Elmo.elmo-1

What are the peopes real name from Tracy beaker returns?

Tracy Beacker Returns cast names & Birthdaystracy beacker=Danielle Harmer 08/02/1989liam=Richard whisker 01/02/1995Gina=Kay Percell ?/?/1987Mike=Conner Byrne ?/?/????lilly=Jessica Williams ?/?/1999saffire=Saffron Coomber 07/06/1995Harry=Phillip Graham Scott ?/?/????(age 10-2013)Frank=Chris Slater ?/?/????(age 15-2013)Jonny=Joe Maw 22/09/1996Toby=Jhon Bell 20/10/1997Carmen=Amy leigh-Hickman 30/06/1997Gus=Noha Marullo 23/06/1999tee=Mia Sasha McKenna-Bruce 07/06/1997Elektra=Jessica Revel 07/11/1996rosie(rosie & poppy)=Claudia Colling 20/09/2002poppy(rosie & poppy)=Katie Anderson ?/?/????Seth=Ashley Taylor-Ryhs ?/?/????(age 25-26)

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What is the names of all the Tracy beaker returns?

Here are the characters of Tracy Beaker Retuns-Adults-Tracy BeakerMike MilliganGina ConwayCam LawsonChildren-Lilly KettleCarmen HowleLiam O'DonovanFrank MatthewsSapphire FoxHarry and Jeff the GiraffeJohnny TaylorTee TaylorGus CarmichealToby ColemanElektra

How do you act in Tracy beaker returns?

my names stuart yeboah and i want to join tracy beaker please call me if theres anymore space quickly

What are the real names of all the story of Tracy beaker characters?


What are the names of all the Tracy beaker books?

being Tracy beaker starring Tracy beaker the dare game

What is the names of all the Tracy beaker characters?

Here are The Story of Tracy Beaker Characters-Tracy BeakerJustine LittlewoodsLouise GovenAdele AzupadiBen BatambuzeZacRyanPeter InghamMaxyLol PlakovaBouncer PlakovaDollyAmber HurstCrashMarco ManoleyLaylaHayleyJackie HopperChantel WellardRio WellardRoxy WellardWolfieRebecca ChalmersMillieAliceMichealAdults-DukeMike MilliganElaine BoyackJenny EdwardsCam LawsonNathan JonesShelley AppletonSid RooneyJack

What is the reall names of all the Tracy beaker characters?

The main characters from "Tracy Beaker" and "The Dumping Ground" series are portrayed by Dani Harmer (Tracy Beaker), Nia Jermin (Justine Littlewood), Montanna Thompson (Justine's best friend, Carmen Howle), Chelsie Padley (Louise Govern), Ben Hanson (Bouncer Plakova), Connor Byrne (Duke Ellington), Lisa Coleman (Camilla Lawson), Ciaran Joyce (Charlie Ellis), Luke Youngblood (Ben Batambuze), Joe Starrs (Maxy King), Craig Roberts (Rio Wellard), Elliott Kerley (Ben 'Benny' Hutton), Hollie Chapman (Adele Azupadi) and Charlotte Francis (Elaine Boyak).

What are the last names of characters in Tracy beaker?

The story of Tracy Beaker: Tracy Beaker, Mike Milligan, Justine Littlewood, Louise Goven, Adele Apuzadi, Peter Ingham, Bradley Pakova, Laurence Pakova, Amber Hurst, Marco Maloney, Jackie Hopper, Michael Grys, Roxy Wellard, Rio Wellard, Chantelle Wellard, Rebecca Charmers, Tracy beaker returns: Tracy Beaker, Gina Conway, Mike Milligan, Cam Lawson, Saffire Fox, Lily Kettle, Tee Taylor, Jonny Taylor, Frank Matthews, Liam O'Donavan, Toby Coleman, Carmen Howle, Gus Carmichael, Harry Mason, Rosie Kettle, Poppy Kettle. The other characters surnames are not mentioned.

What are the names of the characters in 'The Story of Tracy Beaker'?

Tracey Beaker Jackey Justine Louise Jenny Mike Elaine Duke Zak Ben Ryan Peter Maxy Adele

What are the Tracy beaker characters real names?

montanna thompson,chelsie padley, sonny muslim,dani harmer and luke young blood

What is the correct spelling of Tracy beaker?

That is the correct spelling, except both words must begin with a capital letter because they are names. Tracy Beaker.

Is tracey beaker Jacqueline Wilson?

No, Tracy Beaker isn't based on anyone. Jacqueline thought that she wanted to write a story about a troubled girl in care called Tracy, but she couldn't think of a last name, so in the bath she was experimenting with names like Tracy Toilet, Tracy Bath and then she was rinsing her hair with an old plastic snoopy beaker and she thought- Tracy Beaker!!!

Who are the real names of the Tracy beaker?

I now Montana Thompson dani harmer