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Solid because snow is literally ice and ice is a solid and a solids partials movement is still

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Q: What are the motion of particles for snow?
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How can you describe the motion of the particles in a solid?

The particles are tightly packed so they vibrate.

What is the motion of particles?

Brownian motion

When a sample of gas is heated what happens to the motion of the particles?

The motion of particles is accelerated.

Is the random movement and mixing of particles?

Brownian motion is the random moving and mixing of particles.

The movement of particles?

Brownian motion is the random moving and mixing of particles.

Do the particles in solids move?

Particles within are limited to vibrational motion, unlike the particles which make up liquids which can have vibrational & translational motion, and gaseous particles which have vibrational, translational and rotational motion.

If the motion of 1 particle of a gas is unaffected by the motion of other particles of the gas unless the particles what?

Unless the particles collide

What explains the motion of micro particles?

Brownian motion. This is random motion of micro particles resultimg from collisions between the particle in question and other particles in the surrounding medium.

What is it called when particles spread out to different parts of the room at different times?

if this is about the motion of the particles,it is brownian motion.the random motion of the particles.

Who discovered the zigzag motion of particles?

Robert Brown discovered zigzag motion of particles. The behavior is called the Brownian motion or pedesis.

The kinetic molecular theory assumes that the particles of an ideal gas?

are in random, constant, straight-line motion

What is Brownian-motion?

The haphazard motion of particles of matter is called brownian motion.