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The most common would probably be jayed (made a mid-range shot over someone), and one (a foul and a made basket), and banked in (made the basket in off the backboard).

There aren't really slang words used in Basketball in my experience but there are some words you can say when you're playing on defense like help, deny, and line but it depends on what position you're playing. wet- swish jayed-you made a shot over a defender got 'em- cracked someone abuser-backboard shot backboard abuser- means that person uses the backboard all the time rachett- when you make belive pull it out it means you about to make every shot Walk=A move with the basketball without taking a dribble Double=Dribbling the ball, picking it up, then dribbling again Shook=When you go for the fake of your offender "Run it Back"=repeat the game you just played Stripped=when you get the ball stolen from you Pinned/stuffed=when a lay-up gets blocked Tic/Clock/Burn=Playing Time Handles=good dribbling ability "D up"=Play hard defense Gun=Shooting alot And 1=the point with the foul "Wet"=describes your shot, if it's on rock=ball glass=backboard board=rebound downtown=from 3 point range paint=free throw lane air ball=a shot attempt that misses the rim hops=a player that can jump epecially well camped out=a player that stays in one spot on the floor for a long period flop=a player that goes down with little contact in order to draw an offensive foul brick=a shot with terrible form that results in a miss prayer=a shot attemted from outside the normal range of a player usually with the clock running out schooled=a successfull offensive play that makes the definsive player look bad packed=a blocked shot hack=usually an intentional foul thats all I can think of for now Stuff- Stop a Shot to the hoop The Bucket means they put the ball in the hoop!

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Q: What are the most common slang words used in basketball and what do they mean?
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