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It appears to be prophecy!
Possible meanings:
Adam: "man, humanity, humankind"
Seth: "possessed, appointed"
Enosh: "mortal, feeble, frail"
Cainan: "sorrow"
Mahalalel: "The blessed God"
Jared: "shall come down, a descent"
Enoch: "teaching, to instruct, to initiate or discipline, dedicate, train up"
Methuselah: "his death shall bring"
Lamech: "the despairing"
Noah: "comfort, rest"

These names form the beginning of Jesus' genealogical line through Adam's son Seth (see Luke 3:36-38). The names are Hebrew (Old Test. was orig. Hebrew) & derived from Hebrew root words (which requires a decent root study to understand). As with most Bible lessons, be sure to research everything, check the source & pray the Spirit of God will lead you.
Salvation is found in Jesus Christ alone, he loves you. He died for your sins, he was buried & he rose again on the 3d day as the Scriptures say. He calls us to repent and to put our faith in him. He will one day return!

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Unlike today, where dictionaries have given word fixed meanings, back then words in common usage sometimes had obscure or changing meaning these therefore are a best guess:

Adam: Earth/Soil (he was formed by God from the ground) it also has a generic meaning for "human" as all people are descended from him

Seth: Placed or Appointed

Enos: Mortal

Cainan: Smith/Artificer, one who makes things

Mahalaleel: Praise/Glory of God

Jared: Descent

Enoch: Dedicated or disciplined

Methuselah: Man of the Spear

Lamech: Servant of God, one who makes pleas to God

Noah: One who brings rest

It should be noted these Hebrew words are derived from other languages. Adam is derived from the Egyptian Atum which means the first creation of God. It was likely during the Babylonian captivity the Hebrews changed this name to Adam. Most other Hebrew words are derived from Aincent Sumer/First dynasty Egypt the language of the world before the fall of the tower of Babel. Enoch is generally considered to be short for Emunderanki or Enmendurana which is Sumerian for the king of the two meeting places. He also has his own epic in which he is taken to heaven by God to bring knowledge back to man and returns a second time to heaven never to be seen again.

It has been thought that these names are not an exhaustive list of all men during the first bronze age but a royal bloodline. Hence the names only list one son per father and no women.
The Sumerian king list includes similar names that begin with the "man" Enki A-lulim who ruled form Eridug a land south of the Garden of Eden in Iraq and ends with Enoch "Enmendurana" who was the last to rule is Sippur where ancient temples to Elohim (the name of God in Genesis) have been discovered. and lastly Enoch's son Ubar-tutu who ruled until "the flood swept over the land" Note in The Bible Methuselah died the same year the flood swept over. At which point the "the kingship again descended from heaven" to their version of Noah. It is likely these people were taught to Abraham as a Child in Ur and he passed on this history of human kings to his children, but did not Diefy them as the other Sumerians did. It was this system of Ancestor worship that Abraham rejected in favor of worshiping only the creator or head of the Sumerian Pantheon, El (Elohim) but not human patriarchs.

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Q: What are the meanings of the names of Adam Seth Enos Cainan Mahalaleel Jared Enoch Methuselah Lamech and Noah?
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Is it true that Adam Seth Enos Cainan Mahalaleel Jared Enoch Methuselah Lamech and Noah whom Luke wrote in his genealogy of Jesus are now known to have been a dynasty of Babylonian Kings?


What is the order of Adam and Eve's descendants to Moses?

Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah, Shem, Arphaxad, Shalah, Eber, Peleg, Reu, Serug, Nahor, Terah, Abram (Abraham), Issac, Jacob, Levi, Kohath, Amram, Moses

How many men called Lamech were mentioned in the Book of Genesis?

Genesis chapter 4 mentions Lamech as the descendant of Cain. Genesis chapter 5 mentions Lamech as the descendant of Seth. However, the two genealogies are so improbably similar that one or both is fictional. The names in the two genealogies are, although the exact order of Enoch, Irad/Jared and Mahujael/Mahalaleel has changed: CAIN .............. SETH Cain ................Cainan Mehujael ....... Mahalaleel Irad ............... Jared Enoch ............ Enoch Methusael ..... Metheluselah Lamech ......... Lamech

Who was the father of Lamech?


Who was Methuselah son?

Enoch, whom God took directly to heaven.Enoch was the father of Methuselah. In the Old Testament of the Bible, it says that Methuselah purportedly lived for 969 years. Lamech was Methuselah's son.

Who in the Bible was the grandfather of Noah?

Genesis 5:25-31 Relevant portion from the NIV. 25 When Methuselah had lived 187 years, he became the father of Lamech. 26 After he became the father of Lamech, Methuselah lived 782 years and had other sons and daughters. 27 Altogether, Methuselah lived a total of 969 years, and then he died. 28 When Lamech had lived 182 years, he had a son. 29 He named him Noah and said, "He will comfort us in the labor and painful toil of our hands caused by the ground the Lord has cursed." 30 After Noah was born, Lamech lived 595 years and had other sons and daughters. 31 Altogether, Lamech lived a total of 777 years, and then he died.

Where in Genesis is Methuselah found?

Gen 5:25-27"When Methuselah had lived 187 years he became the father of Lamech, Methuselah lived 782 years and had other sons and daughters. Altogether Methuselah lived 969 years, and then he died."He lived to be the oldest person on earth's record, he died sometime before the flood. His father was Enoch. His son, Lamech, went on to be the father of Noah.

How old was NOAH when the flood stop?

According to Genesis, 601. This is at least internally consistent with the flood occurring after the death of Methuselah, as if you add up the reported ages of Methuselah when his son Lamech was born and Lamech when his son Noah was born, you come up with Methuselah being about 369 when Noah was born. Methuselah reportedly died at 969, meaning Noah would have been about 600 at the time.

What relationship is Lamech to Enoch?

The genealogy given in 1 Chronicles 1:3 has Enoch as the grandfather to Lamech via his son Methuselah who was the oldest record living human - 969 years old.

Was Lamech actually Noah's father?

Yes, according to the Bible at: Genesis 5:28+29Additional information:It should be noted that the Lamech of Genesis 4:18-24 is NOT the same man as the Lamech of Genesis 5:25-29. The first Lamech was a descendent of Cain. The second was a descendent of Seth; the son of Methuselah and father of Noah.

Who was lemech?

Lamech is mentioned in Genesis chapter 4. It is recorded that he had two wives and he killed a man in self defense. Also in Genesis chapter 5 there is another Lamech mentioned. He was the son of Methuselah and the father of Noah

Who was Noahs great grandfather?

Enoch (six generations from Adam)(Genesis 5:21)Enoch lived on for 65 years and became father to Methuselah.(Genesis 5:25)Methuselah lived on for 187 years and became father to Lamech.(Genesis 5:28-29) Lamech lived on for 182 years and became father to Noah