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Q: What are the major health hazard of modern time?
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Are plastic bags a health hazard?

yes plastic bags are a health hazard. this is beause people can suffocate, this is becasue if a young child gets a hold of the bag they can put it over their heads and then they can have it wrapped around their head and neck and lose oxygen. it is also a health hazard becasue it can pollute the earth since it takes a long time to degarte because it is not biodegradable.

Is 'organ specific hazard' a health hazard?

No. The phrase "organ specific hazard" describes what a chemical does to a specific organ of the body. Thus ethanol consumed in large amounts over a long time is known to cause cirrhosis of the liver, so one organ specific hazard of ethanol is liver cirrhosis.

In what time zone is Hazard Kentucky?

Hazard, Kentucky is in the Eastern time zone.

Are dusty rooms a health hazard?

They can be if you are in it for a prolonged time Answer: Dust can contribute to health problems. Especially if one has asthma. It is always wise to dust furniture, ceiling fans, and other areas in a room.

Does consumption of milk and fish at a time causes any health hazard?

Usually milk and fish together is not a problem. There are recipes that call for fish to be cooked in milk.

What is a hazard zone?

a hazard zone are places that suffer from earthquake all the time

Why do the poor get no health?

The poor have a harder time staying healthy because they have limited access to modern medicine. The other factor is that they have less money to spend on health care.

This is the distance your vehicle travels from the time your eyes see a hazard until your brain recognizes the hazard?

Perception distance

Is TV a mental Health Hazard?

What is a "mental health hazard"? A television is nothing more than a display with speakers. It can show anything from still pictures to drama to action to nature videos. Too much violent content is probably not a good thing, and spending too much time watching TV will take away from time that could have been better spent exercising, reading, working, or being with friends, but going so far as to call TV a "mental health hazard" is extreme. Clearly there are better things that could be done with one's time and the types of content one views might have negative effects- extremely violent or sexual content may have negative effects on young children- but TV itself is not a "hazard".

What are two major challenges and issues facing health care providers?

There are many major challenges and issues facing health care providers. Two of them include time with patients. Physicians are getting less time with patients due to demanding time with paperwork because of insurance and government mandates. Secondly, quality of care is an issue because insurance is paying less due to government changes in the health care system.

Did health care play a major role in the holocaust?

Health care had nothing to do with the Holocaust next time don't get high and go on the computer and ask stupid questions like this

What is a major difference between modern audiences and audiences during Shakespeare and time?

One major difference is that modern audiences may have access to a wider range of entertainment options due to advancements in technology, such as streaming services and social media. Additionally, modern audiences may have different expectations and cultural values compared to audiences during Shakespeare's time.