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he studied the theoryy of evolution

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Q: What are the main contributions of Charles Darwin to science?
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What are the main principles of evolution according to Charles Darwin and the evolutionists?

Natural selection

Did Darwin influence Richard Dawkins?

That's like asking if your birth influenced your life. Yes, Richard Dawkins was hugely influenced by Charles Darwin and his work, he loved the beautiful, but yet simple, theory. Charles Darwin's work was the main driving force for him to study biology.

How did Charles Darwin spread the idea of evolution?

He didn't. Charles Darwin did not like the rough and tumble of public debate about his idea, though scientific debate was another thing altogether. The debate had spilled over into the public arena and needed on the spot debaters, which Charles Darwin was not. So, Darwin's friends that he first convinced of the rightness of his theory went to bat for him. Thomas Huxley, Darwin's bulldog, was foremost among them, but there were also others. Hooker, Lyell, and Wallace were the other main defenders of the theory in Darwin's stead.

What organism did Charles Darwin study?

He mainly studied birds; finches were the main ones he studied.

What was the main discovery of Aristotle?

Aside from philisophical contributions, Aristotle created the empirical system in science of categorization based on observation.

When was Entranceway at Main Street at Darwin Drive created?

Entranceway at Main Street at Darwin Drive was created in 1927.

What is a summary of the origin of species?

It is a short document, listing in a few hundred words or less the main points of Charles Darwin's seminal work, On the Origins of Species.

What animal live on the islands that Charles Darwin made famous?

Charles Darwin became famous for his theory on evolution. He got his idea from some birds that he saw on the island which were similar to the ones he had back home in England, but they were different. All the birds on the island were the same and so he came up with the idea of 'Survival of the Fittest'. So the main animals that lived on the island were birds.

After Darwin returned to England what hypothesis did Darwin develop to explain his findings?

He developed main streams of DNA.

2 main types of science?

The three main types of science are earth science ,life science, and physical science.

What are the two main branches of science?

the two main branches of science is natural science, and muncar science.

What is the main contributions of bees to mankind?