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Q: What are the long term side effects of pep spice?
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What are long-term side effects of Risperdal?

side effects with risperidone and alcohol

What are the long term side effects of ecstasy?

Long term effects:Depression.Drowsiness.Muscle aches.Loss of appetite.Insomnia.Loss of concentration.Irritability.

Are there any side effects of laser hair removal?

There are long term and short term side effects of laser hair removal. One of the short term side effects is swelling around the area you got the hair removed. One of the long term effects is possible epidermal damage.

Long-term effects of listeriosis?

Can you die from lesteria and what are the future side effects or outcome

What are short and long term effects of Tetanus?

the short term side effects are trouble breathing, stiffness throughout body, and a locked jaw. their are no long term side effects for tetanus. UNICORNS ARE REAL 🌈🍭 They poo in your bathtubs 🛀💩

What are the effects of nitrosun intake?

It makes you mentally high.. On long term use there are side effects..

How is synthetic marijuana made?

If by synthetic marijuana you mean spice, it is made by picking random plants, drying them and then spraying them with a bunch of crazy chemicals. It's nothing like marijuana and has many serious side effects. Instant side effects may include seizures. There are too many long term side effects to list but neurological damage is a guarantee.

Is bad breath a long term side effects Jaundice?


What are the short and long term side effects on steropid use?

kyle macleod

What are the side effects of long term use of panadol osteo?

Long term use of Acetaminophen can effect your liver. More at link.

Does Vicodin have long term effects?

I believe so even though I don't know what they are I believe they are some what similar to the short term side effects

What are the long term side effects of cocaine?

Loss of touch with reality, extreme paranoia