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Q: What are the long term effects of taking an upper with a downer?
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Can you take lorazapam and Claritin?

lorazapam and claritin can be mixed as long as the claritin does not contain any decongestant ie psudophedrine. that's like taking a strong "downer" with a strong "upper"

What are the long term effects of taking PCP a single time?


What are the long and short term effects of taking heroin?

Internal anal bleeding.

What are the side effects of taking immodium long term?

shite will start to come out your mouth!!

What are the effects of eating bricks?

barfing, having a full stomach, or taking long dumps

How long after taking adderall can you drink red bull?

about 3 hours after the effects worn off

How long do side effects last after taking simvastitin?

They are used to make note books.

What are the side effects when you stop taking prednisone?

Depends upon what they are and how long you've had them. Some never do.

Ive taken coke and Valium then smoked cannabis is it safe?

Taking drugs is not safe. If your question is whether your going to die or not, it depends on the amount of coke and Valium you take at once. Your body will only be able to handle a certain dosage of each drug at one time. Also taking coke and Valium for long term use your body and mind eventually will brake down, and you will die. If your question is whether cannabis is making the coke and/or Valium worse for you, the answer is no, it makes no difference whether you smoked pot or not, your still just as unsafe using coke and/or Valium alone. However the effects of the drugs may change due to the effects of pot. Because cocaine is and upper, smoking the downer marijuana may cancel out the effects of the cocaine depending on how strong either drug is. Smoking cannabis isn't unsafe unless you make it unsafe.

How long after taking pepto bismol will black stools remain?

You may have an upper GI bleed or a duodenal ulcer. Definitely have it looked at.

How long is an upper respiratory infection contagious for?

An upper respiratory infection is contagious for as long as the active virus is in your system. Taking an antibiotic will help rid the body of the live virus. You will remain contagious for 24 hours following the first treatment of the antibiotic.

What are the long term side effects of happy shaman herbs?

I would guess that the long term effects are similar to Marijuana. The same chemical reaction is taking place. You will ultimately begin to lose memory and become mentally slower.