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If not solved, the healthy community will not remain healthy.

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Q: What are the importance of solving environmental health problems for a healthy community?
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What are the importance of solving environmental health problems?

Solving environmental problems, such as pollution and Global Warming, is important because it preserves the Earth's environment. Humanity has adapted to live in a unique set of environmental conditions. Altering those conditions by polluting the environment may jeopardize humanity's existence.

How can you help a maintaining a healthy community?

There are organizations that help the poor grow food and even buy farm animals for the poor. Look into community gardening projects

Why are good environmental practices good for business?

Good environmental practices are good for business because they give a feeling of community to both the business and its customers. These practices also support a healthy planet.

What are the elements of the healthy community?

A healthy community is often characterized by an abundance of bicycle trails, access to healthy food, and playgrounds. Proximity of medical facilities may also be an element of a healthy community.

What are the features of community based health care system?

A healthy community offers access to health care services that focus on both treatment and prevention for all members of the community.A healthy community is safe.A healthy community has roads, schools, playgrounds, and other services to meet the needs of the people in that community. (These items are often referred to as "infrastructure.")A healthy community has a healthy and safe environment.

What are the elements of a healthy community?

There are four elements that make a healthy community. They are community glue, good process and communication, effective project management, and a good governance. These all help make a community healthy for all who live in it.

What is the importance to be healthy?

The importance of being healthy effects how your body feels, how much your body can take, and your life span. so yes, it is extremely important to stay healthy.

What are the importance of vitamins?

to keep you healthy

Would you say providing nutritional food for a healthy community or providing nutritious food for a healthy community?

The best way to say it is "providing nutritious food for a healthy community".

What is the importance of a healthy mind in a healthy society?

calm, natural balance.

What arethe elements of a healthy community?

A clean environment, good healthcare, healthy food options, and places to exercise are all key elements of a healthy community.

What is Importance of healthy life?

A healthy life is of the utmost importance. People who are unhealthy are more likely to get sick. Unhealthy people are also more likely to die sooner than healthy people.