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Q: What are the impacts of dirty environment to our health?
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How does the environment impact certain health promblems?

The environment impacts health problems, such as asthma through allergens, such as dust

What are the impacts of Globalization of health and environment?

sepaluloy tarantutoy kayo

What is making your environment dirty called?

Pollution is making the environment dirty.

How does music impacts the environment?

It doesn't.

What are the impacts on human health for pollutants and dirty air?

Human health is highly effected by the pollutants and dirty air. Direct effects may cause skin allergies (Dermatitis, Skin infection, Eczema or even Skin cancer), breathing problems (Asthma, Chronic obstructive, Emphysema or even Bronchitis). Along with these issues there are several other indirect effects health.

Which of these most directly impacts a person's physical health?

Which of these most directly impacts a person’s physical health?

What are the impacts that dead batteries on the environment?

Batteries have toxic, which can harm the environment

What are the impacts of human beings on environment?

The impacts of humans on the environment is mostly negative. Global Warming, Pollutions,etc are some of the main causes.

What term describes any matter or energy released into the environment that causes undesirable impacts on the health and well-being of humans or other organisms?

Pollutants, or pollution.

What impacts the health of the soil?


How does Coal impact the environment?

coal impacts our environment by polluting the air when it is burned some more impacts are generated waste, fuel supply, and water use.

What is it called when our environment is dirty and unhealthy?

The environment is polluted.