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Dams destroy Ecosystems . The consturction of Dams causes people to get displaced .The forest are destroyed too . Dams are helpful but they spoil our environment

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Q: What are the impact of construction of large dams?
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What are the downstream post construction geomorphological impacts of large dams?

the main impact is land slides causing animals and people to lose homes

Impact of construction of dams on environment?

Lots of protesters......its not just protesters.........its the total destruction of aquatic life

What construction do beaver make?


How many dams are under construction in India?


How many dams are under construction in Pakistan?


Does construction of dams lead to narrow beaches?

No, it doesn't .

What is the human impact on Nevada?

Mining and dams

How has construction of dams upstream of Indus affected the growth of mangrove at Indus Delta?

The construction of the dams upstream of the Indus have affected the growth of the mangrove at the delta by reducing the water level. The dams are also putting in jeopardy the Indus river dolphin.

Are there dams in Africa?

==== ==== the total number of large dams in Africa is 1 272;

What is the Impact of the dams of natural resources on the nile river?

dams have certain areas with natural resources to be inaccessible

How many large dams are there in the world?

According to the definition of Dam Industry, any dam that is greater than 15 meters in height is classified as large dam. Based on this criteria, the number of large dams globally is estimated to be more than 40,000. China with 19,000 large dam is number one followed by the US with 5,500 large dams. The rate of large dam construction at present is much lower than two decades ago in recognition to their social, ecological and maintenance costs.

How many dams are there in India?

approximate more than 4000 and 23 are large dams.

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