What are the home keys of the typewriter?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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The four keys on the left hand side ASDF and the four keys on the right hand side JKL; are the home keys. These are the resting places over which the four fingers of the left and right hands respectively must remain, except when it is necessary to remove a finger in order to strike a key in another row. After this has been done, the finger must be returned immediately to its correct position

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Q: What are the home keys of the typewriter?
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Were there different keys on the typewriter then on the keyboard?

The computer keyboard is the same as the typewriter keyboard. The typewriter did have special keys that were not on the keyboard, like the tab keys that indented. The keyboard also has extra function keys that were not on the typewriter.

What are the 10 homekeys of a typewriter?

The home keys are simply the keys on the middle row of alphabet keys... A S D F G H J K L & ;

How do you communicate with the typewriter?

By tapping the keys.

How many keys on a typewriter?


A description of a typewriter?

its has keys and papers

Can you type in Ariel Font using a typewriter?

No. Courier is the font used on typewriter keys.

What is the set of keys on a typewriter called?


How many keys are there in a standard typewriter?

There are actually 47 keys including the space bar.

What is the center point of a pica typewriter?

Pica is a measuring system used for measuring the height of type. Typewriter is a tool used to keyboard characters against a ribbon and strike a piece of paper. Home keys on a typewriter are with the index fingers on (l) F, and (r) J.

Which of the keys of a personal computer are not available in the keyboard of a typewriter?


Which device on the computer resembles the typewriter keys?

That would be the keyboard.

How is the typewriter used?

The typewriter is just like your modern, computer. Only the keys get higher, which makes it kind of difficult to use. It can really be as simple as getting a piece of paper, clipping it in, and pressing on the keys to make words!