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Q: What are the good effect of ginger on your body?
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Is Ginger ale good for food poisoning?

A little ginger ale may sometimes be good for an occasional upset stomach, but if you suspect food poisoning, you must contact your PCP or a clinic at once. Ginger ale is nice, but it has no effect whatever on the causes of food poisoning.

What is the effect of eating ginger in breastfeeding?


Can a person use ginger as a natural body deordorent?

Yes. Ginger will kill body odors underarm and private body parts.

How do you take ginger for aphrodisiac effect?

Making tea

What does the name ginger mean?

Ginger is a noun. * Ginger tastes good in Asian foods. * Ginger is the girl with the red hair. * Ginger is for upset stomaches.

How do you smoke ginger?

Don't smoke ginger. Smoking anything is not good for your lungs. Ginger is for eating, not smoking.

Is frank and ginger a good name for a dog?

Ginger, yes. Frank, no.

What is Ginger root good for and how much should you eat?

Ginger root is said to be good for the digestive track.

Is ginger good for your health?

Yes. Ginger can be used in many different ways. Ginger oil can help relieve arthritis, and ginger can also help relieve motion sickness. Ginger is also good for blood circulation. You can make tea out of ginger. Ginger tea can also be found in some grocery stores.

What sorbic acid effect to human body?

well its not good for you

What is the effect of gold on the body?

it makes a person look good.

What is good about ginger bread man?

the good thing about a gingerbread man is its flavor and its apperence people decorate them as a tradition for Christmas it contains sugar and ginger bread that is what is good anbout ginger bread men