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Q: What are the good and bad side of self initiative?
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Is self-love good or bad?

It is good

Are teachers good or bad?

One side of them is good the other side is bad ^.^

What is the bad side of a self driving car?

the driver

Was Russia good or bad in World War 1?

There is no bad side or good side but Russia was on the Allies Side.

Self propelled lawn mowers good or bad?


What are the characters of a good self esteem?

if you say your good at something, its bragging but if you say ur bad, you have bad self esteme, if you say "its better than i thought it wud be" its plain right out good self esteme

What is the theory of self-persuasion?

changing bad to good habit

How do you get self control?

You control your self and not doing anything bad and copy other people wit good self control

Was Winston Churchill on the good side?

Yes. Churchill was in the British side the good side and the bad side were the Germans (Nazi's)

What is the meaning of when a lizard falls and runs on your right legs?

it is a superstitious belief that lizard dropping is the indication of some good or bad event. if it falls right side of man, is considered good, bad on left side. left side dropping is good for ladies, right side is bad.

Is conquest good or bad?

Depends what side you are on.

Do we all have a good and bad side?