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Q: What are the good and bad points of felt?
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Good points an bad points for wind power?

good points include free energy bad points include they take up lots of room

In Fable 1 does killing Thunder give you good points bad points or no point difference?

Bad points.

What are the good and bad points for identity cards in the UK?

Good points - Zero. Bad points - yet another unjustified intrusion by officialdom into personal privacy and freedom.

What are the good and bad points geothermal power?

Good points: Geothermal power is a renewable energy source that produces low greenhouse gas emissions, has a small land footprint compared to other power generation methods, and provides a consistent and reliable source of energy. Bad points: Geothermal power can be limited by geography, with suitable sites only available in specific regions, and drilling and exploration costs can be high. There is also a potential for seismic activity and subsurface water contamination in some cases.

What is is the past tense of you felt?

There is no past tense for "felt". "felt" is the past tense of "feel". "You feel good today, but you felt bad yesterday."

What is good and bad points of an election?

good is serve people and bad is to make schams

What are good and bad points of cotton?

its smellyy

Good points about wood?

The good points about wood are that its strong but the bad point is that it can get damp or termites can eat it.

Why was Henry III a bad king?

Which Henry III - of France, England or the Holy Roman Empire. Each one had good points and bad points. None could be considered bad.

What are the good and bad points of BOMB?

bad is it explodes and people die and good is they don't usually explodes

What are the good and bad points on up thrust?

the good points on up thrust is that it keeps boats floating also it makes parachutes work there aren't any bad points except that it costs money

What are the good and bad points of wolves?

Good points are they keep the deer and elk population in check, they are beautiful animals, their howls are beautiful, and there are no bad points. Wolves are freakin' awesome.