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Q: What are the genius files answers on woozworld?
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What city is West Marin Middle School in on the genius files quest on woozworld?

new york

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e answer is t day

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1.bones 2.thirteen 3.1.2 million 4.885 5.harvey d. thatcher 6.illinois 7.1955 8.hats 9.the genius files 10.hated day happy

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The boy's first name?

What is the janitor's name in flea genius in woozworld?


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1.coke 2.pepsi thats all i could find sorry :)

What is the title of the third book in the genius files?

Genius never dies

When was Woozworld created?

woozworld was created in 2009...2011 was woozworld 2nd anniversary..add me for more answers my name is sophiesawesome!! :D

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