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Q: What are the games Jeff Kinney made?
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What video games did Jeff Kinney make?

Jeff Kinney made a board\ video game called dog days

What games did Jeff Kinney play as a kid?

in the 1970s he played games made by atari

How was Poptropica made?

by jeff kinney

How made Poptropica?

Jeff Kinney

What is Jeff Kinney nick name?

what is jeff kinney nickname

Who is Jeff Kinneys publisher?

jeff kinney

What video games did Jeff Kinney make up?


Does Jeff Kinney have kids?

Jeff Kinney has two sons.

Who made poptropica the computer game?

Jeff Kinney

Is Jeff Kinney single?

No, Jeff Kinney is not single.

Who made poptropicacom?

Someone named Jeff Kinney made

How many children does Jeff Kinney have?

Jeff Kinney (Jeffrey Patrick Kinney) has two sons. Their names are Will and Grant.